The Dog and Pony Show is a Fraud

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dog_and_pony_showThe President has been running all over the country trying to scare the hell out of Americans and blaming Republicans for potential airport delays, firefighters laid off, teachers gone, inmates released and America left unsafe from foreign threats.  This all because he suggested sequestration, which he now denies, was his idea.

Since the Republicans have not caved, yet (best Gomer Pyle impression “Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!”), the president is now going to be spending today and tomorrow backing off the Dog and Pony show of flying all over the country on your dime telling Americans we can’t even afford to cut less than $50 billion out of a nearly $4 trillion budget.Bob Woodward caught him in a lie and the President Administration vows Woodward will “regret” his reportingThreats from this White House are not uncommon when it comes to the media, no wonder they are such a bunch of lapdogs.

Just remember:

And if there isn’t one… create one!

Beware though, as I am sure the talking points out of the White House will include going after Woodward.


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