Ted Nugent’s SOTU Address…

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NugentSOTUTonight is the State of the Union Address…

Let me recap it for you (Joe, you are saying, it’s tonight how can you already know)

Obama “I did this, I’m great”
Obama “Congress needs to do this, I have spoken”
Obama “I would’ve of done this but Bush really screwed up or It was a huge mess when I took over”
Obama “Education”(Which is code to spend more money)
Obama “ GUNS… blah blah blah” (which is code to take away our Freedoms. Control)

Now, there is one person attending that might just by proximity give Obama a little common sense. That would be Ted Nugent. Ted will be attending the State of the Union Address as the guest of Rep. Steve Stockman. “Ted Nugent speaks for millions of Americans who own guns and do not support the president’s anti-gun agenda,” said Stockman spokesman Donny Ferguson

Here’s a clip of Ted Nugent telling more truths in 10 minutes than the president will tell in the entirety of all his SOTU addresses combined:


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