No One Wants Your Guns, except…

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weaponsSince Obama first hinted (at least to those who never bothered to look into his documented staunchly anti-gun past) that he would seek some form of gun control during the presidential debates, I have been endlessly hearing people of the liberal persuasion saying to the paranoid people the likes of myself, “No one is coming after your guns. No one is talking about taking away what you already have. No one wants to take your guns away.”

No one, that is except of course for New York state, California, Colorado, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington State, and more specifically President Obama, Senator Feinstein and San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne just to name a few.

What do I mean they want to take my guns? Well, to quote Ricky Ricardo, let me ‘splain that to you.

New York – Just passed draconian new measures which essentially outlawed almost all semi-automatic handguns and most rifles. Their magazine ban does not allow for grandfathering of existing high (standard) capacity magazines and mandates a maximum capacity of 7 rounds, which is fine and dandy for the owners of the few guns out there for which a 7 round magazine is available (very small percentage). Everything else was just legislated into an expensive rock or club. Additionally, in their idiotic haste to pass the new laws, they completely forget to exempt law enforcement, and in doing so, made the cops daily carry weapons illegal items in the state in which they work.

California – Proposed laws do everything from expand the already silly definition of “assault weapon” to include semi-auto rifles, including both rimfire and centerfire rifles, and includes semi-auto rifles designed as far back as the 1930’s thus making hundreds of thousands of existing semi-auto rifles now fall under their new definition, and requires that they be registered as such. They will make any magazine over 10 rounds a felony, no matter when you bought it (no grandfathering), will make possession of “military type hollow point ammo” (the military is specifically prevented from using hollow point ammo by the Geneva Convention) a felony, and will not only require permits to purchase ammunition, but would make possession of more than 500 rounds (a quantity easily gone through in one day of shooting) a felony. Gun owners will now have to be licensed by the state, and will be forced to purchase some new firearms owner liability insurance.

Colorado – Proposals not only include magazine capacity limits, but also include a proposal to prevent firearm ownership to people accused of (not convicted of) certain crimes. Anyone can accuse anyone of a crime. The heart of the American Justice System is the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Colorado apparently thinks that is no longer relevant.

New Jersey –There is a proposal (NJ A588) to allow for the banning of any caliber ammunition that can penetrate law enforcement body armor. Since standard law enforcement body armor is incapable of stopping nearly ALL rifle rounds, including the .223 used by most AR-15 rifles, this would essentially turn all rifles into expensive clubs or walking sticks. Additionally, they have several other proposed laws, two of which concern magazine capacity (one limiting the capacity to 5 rounds).

Oregon – In a state where AR-15s are currently legal, as are all other “assault weapons”, they have proposed several new laws. One would create a definition of an “assault weapon” very similar to California’s current law. To go along with that, they have proposed a magazine capacity ban limiting capacity to 10 rounds. The will allow residents who currently own the items to be banned to register 1 rifle and 3 “high” capacity magazines. If you own more than that, you are ass out and need to dispose of them or face a felony charge for each item. That felony carries a max sentence of 10 years and/or a fine of $250,000. That penalty is stiffer than many receive for a murder in the state of CA. To top that off, if you choose to retain your 1 rifle and 3 mags, you have to give up your 4th amendment right and agree to allow an inspector into your home.

Washington – Proposed legislation will ban “assault weapons”, but does allow those who own them prior to passage to register and keep them, so long as they give up their 4th amendment right and allow the Sheriff to inspect their homes a maximum of once a year.

Beyond what the legislators in those states have proposed, we have the Police Chief of San Diego, William Lansdowne has stated that not only does he fully support President Obama’s gun control initiatives, but continued to say that Americans could be completely disarmed with a generation (San Diego Police Chief). Senator Diane Feinstein, who has for decades hypocritically argued for disarming citizens while carrying a concealed handgun herself, has on more than one occasion stated that she wants to completely disarm the American public (Feinstein wants all guns banned). Finally, the big man (in his own mind) himself, President Obama has a long history of being very anti-gun and has been quoted as saying “I don’t believe anybody should own guns” (Obama admitted he would ban all gun ownership).


Now, liberals and the lamestream media can try and tell me until their faces turn blue that no one is coming after my guns, but in the face of the completely overwhelming evidence, they are wasting their breath. I have but one thing to say to the politicians trying to disarm the American public, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

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