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Nascar Questions


Daytona 500 2013I grew up down south watching dirt track racing and motocross. As I got older, and my drivers license, I did a little racing of my own. I won’t disclose where because I do not know the statute of limitations…

With Danica winning the pole, Nascar is beginning to peaked my interest. I know many of you are Nascar fans, so with the Super Bowl of Nascar starting soon, I have a few question:

Who do you all like to win today’s race?

Will Danica be a factor?

After yesterday’s crash and the fans in the stands getting hurt, how long will it be before big government gets involved with poking its nose into regulating the sport?

Is Dale Jr going to ever win a Cup Championship?

Has Nascar lost some of it’s popularity since the passing of Dale Sr.?

What is the most memorable event in Nascar history?

Do you think Nascar fans are stereotyped as backwoods hillbillies?  If so, does that mean I am need to start watching Nascar more?

Leave your comments below and best of luck to your favorite driver.  As for me, I’m pulling for either Dale Jr., Stewart or Danica.



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