Leaders Lacking

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leadershipIt seems to me something is lacking in our current crop of politicians, regardless of party affiliation; something that leaders in the past exuded. I guess if I had to boil it all down into one word, that word would be humility.

A good leader does not have to be an expert on all matters. If you really think about it, there is no way one person could reasonably be expected to be an expert on all matters, yet most of our current politicians portray themselves as just that. Instead, a good leader has to be smart enough to know that they do not know everything. The more attention I pay to politics of late, the more I see politicians acting as self-anointed experts on all subjects. Many of those same politicians publicly demonstrate a clear lack of expertise. The most recent, glaring example of this is Joe Biden offering his home defense advice to a reader of Parents magazine, where the “expert opinion” he offered not only consisted of committing a felony, but was also severely tactically unsound.

Another area where I see the politicians fail is their outward display of infallibility. It’s as if they feel that they cannot publicly admit to having been incorrect. As the very old saying goes, “To err is human”. We are all human, politicians included, and they need to realize that. It is okay to make a mistake; it is what one does after realizing the mistake that separates the good person from the bad. One needs look no further than the Benghazi investigation to see abundant examples of how to not admit errors.

One area the current politicians are not lacking in is their desire to lead. They may not be an expert on the subject, and they may be wrong yet unwilling to admit it, but damned if that is going to stop them. They are going to lead us down that path no matter what, and sadly, they have millions of enthralled lemmings cheering them as they go.

Maybe someday we will again live in an era where politicians are unashamed to be mere mortals instead of god-like pop culture personalities.

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