Herman Cain’s Lackey: Bill Maher

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Racist, Sexist, Blowhard, pervert, and ultimate portrayal of a capitalist pig… Bill Maher

This guy has gotten paid lots of money over the years just to make fun of stuff. Yes, I know comedians a have built in creative “pardon”.

Personally, I think Bill needs to make fun of people like Sarah Palin and Herman Cain… These are people that got to where they are off of hard work, without sacrificing morals and values. They talk about things like honor,courage, respect, they bow to higher power with humility.  As For Bill the only way he rose to the top is spouting off vulgarities and obscenities . Where Sarah and Herman lead the (Bill) court jester only follows. Herman and Sarah raise people up, Bill brings them down.

When you put it into perspective…. Its Pathetic


Herman Cain embraces America, and wants to help build her back up.




Bill Maher embraces a Traitor



I think that pretty much says it all….


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  1. Michael Cloutier says

    Pretty much sums it up Joe. Herman Cain and Sarah Palin care about the next generation and keeping America strong, passing down strong moral values, and standing for positive living, while Bill Maher sells himself for a cheap laugh at the expense of real freedom fighters like them. The difference really is quite stark!

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