Hagel: What Difference Does it Make?

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Embarrassing. Disastrous. Nightmare.

Power outage at the Super Bowl? Reviews for Stallone’s ‘Bullet to the Head’? Windows Vista? No, these in fact were some of the words Democrats were tweeting out, describing Chuck Hagel’s appearance before the Senate Armed Service Committee. And listening to pundits of all stripes say it was simply the worst appearance ever for a major cabinet position, you’d think the process actually has some sort of purpose?

Predictably, most say that Chuck Hagel will be confirmed as Secretary of Defense. It appears at least to me that he doesn’t know much about the job, can’t defend any of his former statements, and isn’t sure what the Administration’s goals are, so naturally Democrats will support him. But wtf is going on with Republicans? I know they’re mostly members of the old farts club, and will stick by even a former one of their own – regardless of what’s good for the country (for proof, please Google “John Kerry confirmed”) – but what is the point of getting all riled up during the confirmation, if we all know it’s pointless?

mccain hagelI know it gave everyone a chance to see what John McCain does when debating a white guy – but Chuck Hagel was national co-chairman of John McCain’s 2000 presidential bid – so of course he’s angry at him. There’s talk of Senator Inhofe or Rand Paul initiating a filibuster, but even more talk that it won’t happen – so Republicans will beat their chest, vote against Hagel and he’ll be confirmed. By the way, where were all these bloviating Senators, pressing and interrupting when Hillary Clinton was testifying last month? Oh, forgot – she’s their next President. Don’t want to get on the new President’s bad side.

But if you don’t do everything at your disposal to prevent Chuck Hagel’s confirmation – then exactly when do you do that? Are Republicans saving it for when the President nominates a tax cheat for Treasury? … Okay, that’s a bad example – but you know what I’m getting at. Filibuster the man, go on talk radio, get the base informed and fired up, get a grassroots campaign started. … Oh wait, as we’ve been made aware, the grassroots is at war with the Republican establishment:

Which begs the big question; “How can we filibuster Karl Rove?” Until the Republican Party actually proves to us it can fight for conservative ideals, I’m leaning more and more toward the notion that the tipping point is behind us, and we have to defeat the Republicans before turning our sites on the Democrats.

Who’s with me?

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