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The DukeWhy are we no longer able to shout/chant ‘USA USA’ in America??

4 High School students were recently suspended for exactly that reason alone. Right here in America.

How has it come to this? Where is our pride, where is our respect, where is our Love of Country? (Sitting in the principals office apparently)

The students in question are no longer suspended, but the principal of the school feels these students need to learn a little more about Cultural Proficiency, as he believes the incident (“USA USA”) had racial undertones since the school has a large population of hispanics.

I guess my question to that is… “Aren’t these ‘Hispanics’ Americans too?” How in the world could chanting ‘USA USA’ at a basketball game carry “racial undertones”

The PC police were successful in making the USA chanters the bad guys.

My ancestors come from Germany, but they came to America because they wanted to be Americans (simple logic). Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy celebrating my German heritage, but not at the expense of the American culture I am proud to be a part of. For myself, I like celebrating Oktoberfest; drink a beer, eat some brats…have a slice of apple pie and watch a John Wayne movie!

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