Dorner’s Fiery Death and Obama Gun Grabbing Conspiracies?

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o-CHRIS-DORNER-CABIN-FIRE-570Well, it looks like Chris Dorner is finally dead. Let me publicly express my thoughts on that, “Yay! Too bad it took so long.”

The decision to end this saga that way was his decision, and his decision alone. In fact, he knew it would end that way when he wrote his “manifesto”. I am perfectly okay with him meeting his end the way he did. In fact, I hope he suffered while the building burned around him. Chris Dorner was a cold blooded murderer and a nut job who was throwing himself a pity party at the expense of many innocent people’s lives.

Dorner chose to go out the way he did, and I take serious issue with anyone who tries to defend his actions. The fact that there are thousands of people who were cheering for and supporting Dorner while he was on the run should scare the hell out anyone of sound mind. What were those supporters thinking? How can anyone justify any of that lunatic’s evil acts?

He claimed the LAPD wrongfully fired him. He claimed there was racism run rampant in the LAPD. Who am I to argue that? He could very well be correct (although I have serious doubts about either). I have never worked there and do not personally know anyone who does. That said, how on earth do either of those issues justify cold blooded murder of people who had absolutely nothing to do with those issues?

This morning, I awoke and like every other morning recently, began browsing Facebook and the news stories in my email. I was shocked to read several posts on Facebook from “patriotic” pages condemning the outcome of that incident. This is just one that really jumped out at me:

I don’t agree with what Dorne did but when the police burn someone out and kill them they have destroyed evidence. This man hunt is just the start of whats to come. Our Judicial system is set up so that everyone has due process, Charles Manson had it Jeffery Domer had it just to name a couple. Now that the government only has to suspect you are guilty they have the right to kill you. This folks is BS and goes against our way of life.

First of all, even if they did intentionally set fire to that cabin, I DON’T CARE! Dorner had not only stated in writing that he would not be taken alive, he killed and injured multiple people (cops and civilians alike) demonstrating that he would not comply. There are times when the only action left to take is lethal action. The ONLY person who makes that determination is the suspect. He could have put his guns down and given up at any time, but he did not.

Secondly, there is no “suspecting” he was guilty. They were in an active chase and gunfight with him. You’ve been watching the liberal ass media far too long if you think that the guy actively throwing rounds your way is only suspected of trying to kill you.

Third, how does one go from manhunt for a cop killer (who coincidentally claimed to be a gun control advocate) to conspiracy to disarm and enslave the American people? Sorry, not following that logic. While I totally agree that Obama and the liberals are trying to disarm the American population, I am incapable of connecting the dots between these two events.

Last night, after the whole Dorner saga came to a close, one of my coworkers, who is one of our SWAT guys, wrote a blog post he called “Service and Sacrifice”. It offers a little insight into how many law enforcement officers view things. I think it is very much worth the read, especially for those that do not understand a cop’s mindset. Word of warning though, there are a few curse words scattered through it (another side effect of cop work).

Patriots, red-blooded Americans, law abiding citizens, good people in general, and heck, even liberals should not have anything to fear from the cops. Just like in the military, there may be a few who support Obama and his gun grabbing plans, but they are by far the minority. As you likely have seen with the large list of Sheriff’s nationwide denouncing federal infringements on the 2nd Amendment, the vast majority of cops are on the side of the citizens when it comes to the right to bear arms.

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