Does It Get Any Better?

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as-good-as-it-getsOne of my like-minded friends and co-workers (we’ll just call her Margaret), who is an educated woman that just returned to school to get her master’s degree, has asked me how I can stand to discuss important topics, such as the economy or gun control, with liberals. Like me, she has staunch views on many things that have been shaped by her life experiences, not the least of which has been a career in law enforcement, where we get a daily dose of the lackluster results of failed liberal policies. In the particular metropolitan area in which we work, which just happens to be located in the über liberal state of Greece-ifornia , the vast majority of our calls for service center on Obama voters in one form or another and involve cleaning up the mess that they somehow have gotten themselves into.

Every time Margaret asks me how I do it, or when I get into an online discussion with liberals whom I don’t know, I am reminded of a line from the movie “As Good As It Gets” where Jack Nicholson answers a question posed by a receptionist. She asks him “How do you write women so well?” to which Nicholson’s character Melvin Udall replies:

“I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.” (Sound Clip Here)

In my mind, I imagine that quote to be a response about liberals, not women, because that is what I perceive in most liberals, a lack of reason and accountability. I find attempting to reason with them only angers them. They somehow think making emotional arguments about a topic is equivalent to logic. Most times, the evidence, the facts regarding a topic do not support their argument, so they generally ignore them. This leads to the lack of accountability, which has never been more apparent than with our current administration. Not only will Obama not accept accountability for ANYTHING that has occurred during his reign (I use that term on purpose), but his supporters are perfectly willing to ignore that as well.

I offer this little insight of mine, which helps me to maintain my sanity when participating in a discussion with liberals, in hopes that it may help others do the same. Once you realize that they lack reason and accountability, you can almost predict their arguments and it becomes much less frustrating, at least up to that point that their argument devolves into insults and name calling. At that point, it is time to step away.

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