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club_for_growth_398-2The Club for Growth has recently released a 2012 scorecard, and the have also created a new website, Primary My Congressman. The scorecard can be a useful tool to evaluate how well our elected are representing us, and the new website can be a useful tool for Club for Growth to learn about potential candidates to support.

When looking at the scorecard there is one simple rule of thumb to check. Are there any Republicans who received a lower score than any Democrat? For the US Senate the answer to that question is No. Sen. Susan Collins has the lowest score among the Republicans, and her score is higher than all of the Democrats. For the US House, sadly the answer is Yes. Taking note of this observation helps explain why so many of us think the House leaders and a large number of elected House Republicans are out of touch with serving and representing us. They are more interested in their own self interest and keeping their perks than they are in serving their constituents.

The problem seems overwhelming if you start with the goal of replacing national leadership. A better goal is to start with getting grassroots support for a conservative candidate to get elected from a conservative district or state. Join a local Tea Party and become a precinct committeeman with the focus on what is possible at the grassroots level. Don’t believe all the spin from the national news media and national political consultants.

In the new Club for Growth Scorecard Jim Matheson-D UT-4 received the highest score of all the House Democrats. His score is 68% and he is ranked at 141. There were 242 elected House Republicans in 2012. Currently in 2013 there are 232 elected House Republicans. Over 90 Republicans received a lower score than Jim Matheson. Matheson is in a district in Utah with a Partisan Voter Index (PVI) of R+14. The Democrats know that a Nancy Pelosi type Democrat can’t win in that district. We conservatives must also acknowledge that a Paul Broun type Republican can’t win in San Francisco. Below is a small list of House districts we conservatives should be working toward recruiting excellent candidates to win election. This is not to diminish from working other districts, but this should be where we should be more likely to succeed.

Cook’s PVI

Member CFG Score
R+14 Jim Matheson-D UT-4 68%
R+9 John Shimkus-R IL-15 67%
R+16 Kevin McCarthy-R CA-23 66%
R+17 Mike Simpson-R ID-2 66%
R+18 Tom Cole-R OK-4 65%
R+9 Kristi Noem-R SD-0 64%
R+17 Bill Shuster-R PA-9 64%
R+15 Ed Whitfield-R KY-1 64%
R+15 Brett Guthrie-R KY-2 64%
R+11 Mike McIntyre-D NC-7 63%
R+10 Greg Walden-R OR-2 62%
R+16 Martha Roby-R AL-2 62%
R+13 Doc Hastings-R WA-4 61%
R+17 Ander Crenshaw-R FL-4 59%
R+9 Mike Rogers-R AL-3 59%
R+29 Spencer Bachus-R AL-6 59%
R+8 Rick Crawford-R AR-1 58%
R+11 Jeff Fortenberry-R NE-1 58%
R+26 Robert Aderholt-R AL-4 57%
R+13 Don Young-R AK-0 57%
R+9 David McKinley-R WV-1 57%
R+14 Rodney Alexander-R LA-5 57%
R+16 Steve Womack-R AR-3 56%

R+24 Frank Lucas-R OK-3 56%

R+14 Jo Bonner-R AL-1 54%

R+16 Hal Rogers-R KY-5 54%

R+9 John Barrow-D GA-12 51%

As previously stated the Club for Growth scorecard for US Senators does not reveal any current Republicans whose seat is up for grabs in 2014 that really needs to be primaried. The lessons learned from primarying the incumbent in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Utah are that the incumbent party will have a better chance of winning the general election in the state with the most favorable PVI for the party. Below is a table of 23 of the 35 US Senate seats up for grabs in 2014. The chamber can flip from Democrat to Republican majority if the Republicans win 20 of 35 seats.

Cook’s PVI Member
R+20 Michael Enzi-R WY
R+17 Jim Risch-R ID
R+17 James Inhofe-R OK
R+13 Mark Begich-D AK
R+13 Jeff Sessions-R AL
R+13 open-R NE
R+12 Pat Roberts-R KS
R+10 Mary Landrieu-D LA
R+10 Mitch McConnell-R KY
R+10 Thad Cochran-R MS
R+10 John Cornyn-R TX
R+9 Mark Pryor-D AR
R+9 Tim Johnson-D SD
R+9 open-R TN
R+8 open-D WV
R+8 Tim Scott-R SC
R+8 Lindsey Graham-R SC
R+7 Max Baucus-D MT
R+7 open-R GA
R+4 Kay Hagen-D NC
R+2 Mark Warner-D VA
D+1 open-D IA
D+5 Susan Collins-R ME

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