Class Warfare

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The United States was won the old-fashioned way: In a war. People who were being subjugated by a monarchy decided they wanted liberty, so they fought for and won it  against all odds. Some years before that, the “indigenous” Native Americans occupied the land, warring with rival tribes and treating their cattle like women. Yes, they were pushed out of America as the British were in the late 1700’s.

And who were these looting, murderous, carpetbagging, illegal aliens who had the temerity to say they had a better idea for civilized people to live together? Yep, that would be “whitey.”

jumpingjoeSo the Constitution was put in place and it’s pretty much been come one, come all since then, as long as you were willing to work hard, abide by the rules, contribute to the treasury and abide by the two-drink minimum. So why do folks constantly expect the country to be perfect? It’s not – get over it. If the Indians weren’t conquered by whitey, the notion that North America would be roamed by horse-backed Indian today is pretty absurd. Whitey didn’t invent slavery, but we did in fact, fight another war in part to outlaw it.

While we’re on the subject of slavery, I’d like to know who were selling those slaves to whitey? I doubt that it was whitey who rounded them up, put them in chains and had them on the beaches of Africa waiting to be purchased. My forefathers in addition to being white, were abolitionists and Republicans. We fought a pretty bloody war, in part, to outlaw slavery. Then the Democrat KKK put bounties on the heads of freed slaves and Republicans. But while I don’t need thanks, a little slack vis a vis my skin color wouldn’t suck either.

It used to be that people in the ghetto had to work their way out of it and they did. Now, the only people left in the ghetto are the ones being being paid to stay there. Overwhelming disproportional to the population at large, we’re talking about blacks. We know what liberal politics have done to the black family, so I won’t bore you with stats on crime and illegitimacy. But here’s what is really, really vicious when it comes to the long-term ruin of the self-esteem of a generation of people: Class warfare.

Black kids are being told over and over again, now by the President, that they are second class citizens and require help in the form of whitey’s money if they ever hope to make anything of themselves. That’s what quotas are, that’s what set-asides are, that’s what affirmative action ultimately says to a black kid. Class warfare reinforces an inferiority complex that liberals have been growing in blacks since the days of Jim Crow. The message is simple: “See that white guy with all the stuff? It’s unfair because you’re black. Vote for me and I’ll give you his stuff.”

It’s simply repulsive.

Ultimately we are individuals. Working to make our lives and our families lives better. We are able to do this because we live in America. We live in a country steeped in a history of self sacrifice. We have a country full of heroes, past and present that give us the freedoms we enjoy today. Racism remains a lingering problem in this country, but fighting it with more racism and envy just makes it worse. Ask any kid in the ghetto what their future is and you’ll get a frightening answer. It will be based on what has been hammered into their heads about helplessness and despair.

So, why is our Government constantly telling us how different we are? Liberals such as our President talk about “Hope” but then turn around and quickly pit us against each other. White against black, rich against poor.

Where’s the “hope” in that?

Signed; Whitey.

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