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Ask people about Manti Te’o, and most will say; “who cares?” And inherently, they’re right – the poor guy got pranked, big deal. Manti’s obviously an insecure, vulnerable guy who probably felt so humiliated when it was plain the girl didn’t exist – he kept it going out of embarrassment. On a positive note, she wasn’t around to witness Notre Dame getting their ass kicked by Alabama.

But it’s another blatant example of the ongoing abdication by the press of getting to and reporting of the facts. It was way more important to have this sensitive young phenom, trapped in a world of macho, aggressive, violent, no doubt homophobic and misogynist football players, who’s not afraid to express his feelings. The images of this extraordinary athlete giving credit to his nanna and his woman – and how his emotions are enough to drive the entire team to victory – is a modern journalist’s dream come true.

You say; ‘well it’s just sports reporting’ – but it wasn’t. The entire media piled on this glorious and thoughtful Superman, crying over his lost Lois, so much so that it seems a bit much to ask someone to do a Google Images search while they’re desperately combing through their thesaurus in search of another word for “brave.” A quick phone call to a couple coaches or even a few pointed questions for T’eo himself would have turned up any number of clues leading quickly to the whole thing being the sad hoax it was.

It’s almost as if… they didn’t want to take a chance that the fairytale was a scam. Duh.

Truth is our contemporary press vetted Manti Te’o’s girlfriend in the same manner they did Barack Obama in 2008. He’s the black messiah, so who cares if he’s an unqualified rabble-rouser (that’s what we call community organizers) in cahoots with the now incarcerated Tony Rezko, the terrorist Bill Ayers, the bigoted Reverend Wright and the Marxist Frank Marshall Davis? At least Manti Te’o didn’t come up with a lame explanation such as the phony girl was a “composite of women” from his past (like some people I know). Joe Biden says he’s clean and articulate, and dammit – that’s all you and we need to know…

“So, Rodney Lee, what’s with the Tebow fake-girlfriend headline?” I mention it only to note an exception to our media’s indifferent attitude toward actual work and their propensity to cut-‘n-paste when they see a juicy panda of a story fitting their worldview. If it were Tim Tebow who announced he had an online girlfriend whom he’s never met – the entire press would spring into arousal quicker than Brent Musburger at the Lingerie Bowl.

In a matter of minutes, the truth of this so-called Christian and his hateful, anti-woman, lying, pornographic sham would be exposed just moments before he could destroy football, our innocence and America itself. In short, Tim Tebow would be crucified in the press, pun intended. See kids? Bad Jesus. Good media.

While we’re at it, do you really call someone your girlfriend if you’ve never met her? Who does that, besides Anthony Weiner? Think about it: Manti Te’o is a young, single, good-looking, soon-to-be-ultra wealthy, football hero at Notre Dame for cry-eye – but he needs eHarmony to get a girl’s attention? When I was in college even guys riding the pine at Arizona State were besieged upon by co-eds, yet our incredibly gifted press falls for this mystery Internet, never met, got no pics, where in the world is Lennay Kekuadiego? To use her vernacular, wtf?

And when the truth comes out from some off-brand organization actually doing some investigative reporting, the mainstream press falls all over itself trying to find what happened and who to blame. I’m surprised Bob Costas didn’t report that if only there were no handguns, Manti Te’o’s girlfriend would be alive today. Was the press too busy investigating Bengazi to get this scandal straight? Hey – maybe she was Harry Reid’s source for claiming Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes? Oh, forget it…

It’s almost as if… they didn’t want to take a chance that the fairytale was a scam. Duh.

Manti Te’o scheduled Thursday to discuss the whole thing with Katie Couric, on her syndicated talk show “Katie.”


Wow – what a relief! Now we’ll get to the bottom of it…

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