PhilTaxes are like Unions, they started off with good intentions, but most of them became pointless abominations.  They spiraled out of control and ended up robbing their members of the their increasingly limited resources with little to no benefit being provided. How can California be broke (I know why)? At some point as a stakeholder/citizen in a state you need to make a business decision and move. Tiger Woods left California in 1996 to avoid the crippling tax laws (some of you were thinking he left for other reasons and you may be right on that as well). Don’t apologize Phil. Take your Enbrel arthritis medication, pack up, and leave California. It is the only way they’ll learn.

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Mr. Ags grew up in the Black Swamps of Northwest Ohio. It is rumored that he is a genetic marvel, the results of the breeding of a frog and a man, but this has never been verified. From an early age he learned to appreciate firearms and respects the role they have played in keeping America the land of the free and the home of the brave.


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