Part 5: Musket, Hunting Rifle or AR-15? I Choose the AR-15

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The left continues to ask why we “need” an AR-15. To that, first I say it is not about need. Nowhere in the 2nd Amendment is the1339633988056-1586849680 word “need” mentioned. It is not about need, it is about our rights to own firearms. Why does someone need an SUV? Why do we need Twitter and Facebook?

Second I say, why should I have anything less than the best tool for the job? The object in self-defense is to win the fight, not to fight fair. Fair fighting is for boxing matches. In self-defense, take the biggest tool you can reasonably handle and get the fight over as fast as possible. The longer you are in the fight, the more likely you are to get hurt. Gun control advocates say that they don’t want to take hunting rifles away from us. If they knew anything about guns they would know a .308 or .30-06 deer rifle, of for that matter, a 7.62x54R, is far more deadly at long ranges, or when firing through obstacles, than a standard AR-15 is. Why is it okay to keep those “killing machines” but not my AR, which is far better suited to home defense than a deer rifle.

As a member of a particularly small group of people on this planet, I have a very distinct opinion when it comes to firearms. I am the survivor of an armed attack by a mentally unstable man who was wielding a rifle and a handgun. That man, by all accounts, had suffered from numerous mental issues, including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, for the last 35 years. He had not only been able to legally purchase firearms, but at one time, he had been a licensed firearms dealer (I attribute this to society’s unwillingness to “label” persons as mentally ill, and their further unwillingness to limit said mentally ill persons). As soon as that man saw me approaching in my car, he began firing his rifle at me. His rifle was a WWII era, Russian made, Mosin-Nagant, bolt action rifle. I had never met or seen him in my life prior to this encounter, yet he was now trying to kill me. Thankfully, I was equipped to protect myself that night, and was armed with my AR-15, and because of that AR-15, I am still here to talk about it. I do not blame the gun he was shooting, for it was merely the tool used by the deranged man. I blame the man, but I also lay some blame on both the doctors who had treated him for 35+ years and his family with whom he lived, for it is they who allowed this well-known mentally unstable man to have access to guns.

In a self-defense or home-defense role, an AR-15 (or similar rifle) is the ideal tool. It is compact enough to allow you to maneuver about your home, it packs a decent enough punch that minimal rounds fired will stop the average attacker and simultaneously, the rounds it fires are much less likely to over-penetrate walls lowering the probability of injuring someone behind that wall. They are capable of accepting modern red-dot sights which allow the user to keep both eyes open and maintain a proper sight picture while maintaining awareness of their surroundings, and they can accept weapon mounted lights so that the user can see what they are doing even at night, making it easier to distinguish friend from foe. Why do I “need” an AR-15 for home defense? For the very same reason the military uses the M4 (carbine version of the M16) in a close quarters battle (CQB). Just in case you did not already realize this, home defense is a CQB!

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