Part 3: We Reap What We Sew

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Sadly, the whole gun control argument is based on emotions. For some, it is an irrational fear of the guns themselves (Hoplophobia), for others, it is their anger and grief over the horrific loss of life, and for others still, it is about assertingreap_what_you_sow power over the populace. Sadder still is that it is nearly impossible to argue emotion with logic, for the facts, as I discussed earlier, are clearly on the 2nd Amendment supporter’s side. The worst aspect of this whole gun control argument that is being made by the left currently is that it is completely missing the point. The problem is not the guns; it is the people using the guns, and those people walk among us daily due to the actions of the very same people calling for gun control.

For decades, the left has been fighting for such ridiculous things as “prisoner’s rights”, they have been arguing for lower prison populations, for better rehabilitation programs, for legalizing drugs, for lowering sentences to crimes, for the rights of the mentally ill that wander the streets, against “stigmatizing” individuals as mentally unstable, treating every symptom with a new pill, and so on, until the inevitable horrific event occurs and then they are shocked and dismayed, and need someone or something to blame. In comes the easy target, the inanimate object that cannot defend itself, the gun.

There was a time when convicts served their sentences, when the mentally ill were housed in facilities that not only protected them from themselves, but protected society from them as well. Those times are long gone, thanks to the efforts of the left. Convicts serve only a fraction of their sentence, and are released into a probation or parole system that is so overwhelmed, they are seldom if ever subject to visits from the responsible agents. The mentally ill roam free, often drugged into submission on any number of psychotropic drugs, some with absolutely horrific side effects such as hallucinations, extreme aggression, thoughts of suicide or homicide, and yet the left wants to blame the guns.

The liberal benevolent left, the group mainly responsible for releasing those dangerous people freely into society, is the very same group that refuses to admit that those dangerous people they unleashed on us are the very reason they now want to take guns from us. It is a simple cause and effect relationship that they are either incapable or unwilling to acknowledge.

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