All You Need to Know About Immigration Reform

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If you want to know what is going on with the big Republican-led plan for immigration reform, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has revealed all you need to know:bush_im

Eight Senators, including Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Dick Durbin and Marco Rubio, unveiled a “path to citizenship” Monday for 11 million illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States. After regurgitating the usual crap about how Barack Obama “welcomes” the proposal, and the “bipartisan support coalescing” behind certain principles of reform and yada, yada, the President’s spokesperson continued, saying; “This is an important first step. … We need to continue the movement…”

And that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it? Paths, permits, green cards, visas, blab blab bla, oh it sounds so great and all our wonderful Republicans are on out in front, spearheading the new effort with our very own Hispanic Senator Rubio leading the charge, assuring us this is the righteous track to the hearts and minds of Latinos in America. To add insult to the absurd, this Gang of Eight laid out four main goals to reform immigration – and not a damn one mentions the border!

We have no money, a huge debt, and the Republicans are starting left of center on an immigration bill that will see us as a poorer nation in the years to come. In their zeal to prove they’re worthy of Latino votes, Boehner, Rubio, Flake and company will eventually “continue the movement” as Carney says, over to the left until it fits the bill for the Administration perfectly. President Obama will get exactly what he wants – AMNESTY.

In the name of endearing Latino voters, the Republican Party is simply selling out conservatives once again – and for what? Do they really believe they’ll get credit for immigration reform? The sad truth is after they’ve given away the farm (pun intended) the end result will be millions of more Democrat voters and the headlines which read: “Republicans Dragged Kicking and Screaming to Immigration Reform”.

Several members of this new Gang of Eight, including McCain, collaborated with Ted Kennedy on the immigration legislation pushed by George W. Bush in 2007, only to see it fold when a massive phone and letter campaign by Americans forced Republicans in the Senate to withdraw support. I suspect that another such grass roots effort is our only hope this time around as well.

Short of this, the immigration reform bill which eventually passes will contain no border control, a big-time new magnet for illegals, chain migration, millions of votes for Democrats, and… wait for it: Amnesty. How does Barack Obama even contain his laughter? If you doubt me, consider how lately the Republicans have refused to make a stand, whether it’s taxes, debt ceiling, spending, the fiscal cliff, a phony war on women and now, I’m afraid, immigration. As Hillary says; “What difference does it make?”

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  1. Azote711 Romero says

    Immigration Reform
    What really implies? Many eligible ”illegal” people won’t apply, why? many others who’ll get the ‘permament’ residence will be deported? Why
    Immigration Reform Bill has been postponed many times? [more questions]:

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