Over 200k Members of Facebook Group Vow to Boycott NFL for Veterans Day Weekend!

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This Veterans Day weekend many Americans honored veterans and all those who served our country and some who gave their lives defending our nation and our freedoms. Many of these same Americans are boycotting the NFL for their national anthem protests. In fact, one group on FB has over 200 thousand members who planned to boycott the NFL this weekend for disrespecting our military and our nation’s flag with the NFL player protests.

Saturday was the true Veterans Day, Nov. 11, but according to Fox News, a group of over 200,000 Facebook users have joined Boycott the NFL and have vowed to boycott the league on Sunday thanks to the ongoing national anthem protests.

Until millionaire football players stop protesting the National Anthem of the United States, we’ll be here,” the group’s Facebook “About” page reads.

“We love football, but we love our flag more.”

Over 222,000 people were members as of Saturday morning, and each of them were pledging to boycott the NFL’s games this weekend as a Veterans Day protest.

The protests were set off last year by former San Francisco 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick. A second round of protests were started this year when, during a speech in Alabama, President Trump said that the “sons of b******” who disrespected the anthem should be fired.

Needless to say, veterans were ticked — and they’re letting it show on the Boycott the NFL Facebook page.

“Thirty year veteran and still serving,” wrote one member of the group.

Even though I’ve been a die-hard fan my whole life I stopped cold turkey last season after the NFL refused to step in and deal with the kneeling during the National Anthem. As long as you kneel I will not support the NFL in any way – and in actuality not so sure I will ever return since the league’s arrogance seems to have no bounds.

“My husband and I live in Las Vegas and ‘we were’ huge football fans and not only are we not watching any NFL football games we also are not betting on them,” another fan wrote.

Politics of any kind do not belong on the football field and to protest during our National Anthem is absolutely shameful.”

That’s not a good thing for the NFL, which has been seeing a ratings slide as of late.

Just this past Monday, the “Monday Night Football” game between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions  was the lowest-rated week nine Monday night game in a decade, and ratings this year have continued the rather dismal trend they took last year, as well.

According to Fox News,

Veterans Day weekend seems to have inspired a new round of fan activism against the National Football League in response to player protests during the national anthem.

In New Jersey, a bar in Farmingdale called Woody’s Roadside Tavern plans to hold a fundraiser for veterans and their families, instead of showing NFL games on the bar’s 20 television screens, NJ.com reported.

Rob Johnson, a co-owner of the New Jersey bar, told NJ.com that their anti-NFL event was inspired by a regular customer who served in Vietnam and felt disrespected by NFL players taking a knee during the anthem.

While it’ll probably cost us some money, we thought it was more important to stand with our veterans,” Johnson told NJ.com.

In Colorado, a decorated local veteran recently turned down an invitation from the Denver Broncos to be honored during Sunday night’s game against the New England Patriots, Fox 31 reported.

About 22,000 people have pledged on Facebook that they plan to turn off the television during Sunday’s games, the Washington Times reported.

But the newspaper speculated that NFL players may forgo their protests this weekend because of Veterans Day. It noted that Seattle Seahawks players who previously protested opted not to do so during Thursday night’s game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The NFL players union said its members planned to observe a moment of silence for veterans at Sunday’s games, while various teams planned other Veterans Day tributes, the Times reported.

Vice President Pence Walks Out Of NFL Game After Players Disrespect the National Anthem!

In Indianapolis, various Colts players have knelt during the national anthem this season. Vice President Mike Pence attended the Colts game on Oct. 9, the day Peyton Manning was inducted into the Colts Ring of Honor, but walked out of the game shortly after the national anthem because several players knelt.

The NFL Players Association said this week that its players will observe a two-minute moment of silence on Sunday in observance of veteran which was signed into law in October 2016 and is known as the Veterans Day Moment.

It’s amazing isn’t it? The NFL players do agree that at least it’s worth two minutes on one day a year to observe veterans, but they can’t respect our military and our flag for 3 minutes a week? What a sad and pathetic group! Wait until the contracts are renegotiated and the NFL has lost sponsors and funds to support those multimillionaire NFL players. Then, we’ll see who really has the last stand!




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