The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media for 2014

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Written By : John Hawkins

Welcome to the 6th annual 20 hottest conservative women in the new media. Besides myself, this year’s new slate of judges included,

1) Talk radio host David Clyde.

2) Breitbart’s Brandon Darby.

3) The Daily Caller’s Matt Lewis.

4) Bizpac Review’s Jack Furnari.

5) Talk radio host Larry O’Connor

6) Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw.

7) Actor Nick Searcy from TV’s Justified.

The judges voted on a large selection of contestants. After dropping the low score for each woman, the highest remaining scores made the list.

Do keep in mind that this list only covers active women in the new media. That means no Fox News contributors, no congressional aides, and no think tankers — unless they have a new media presence as well.

Here are the women that made the final cut.

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19) Scottie Hughes from TPNN.

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18) Emily Zanotti from Naked D.C..

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17) Anna Maria Hoffman from Counter Cultured.

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16) Columnist Jedediah Bila.

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15) Fox blogger Monica Crowley.

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14) Columnist Rachel Marsden.

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13) Columnist Katie Kieffer.

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12) Mary Katharine Ham from Hot Air.

12b 12a

11) Ann-Marie Murrell from Politichicks.

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For the Last 10 of the Hottest 20 conservative women in the media for 2014 go to



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