19-Year-Old Woman’s Post About Shirt on Windshield Goes Viral!

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It’s pretty clever how some scumbags are luring young women these days. I mean the last thing you want to do when you get off work, after a long hard day, is to have to worry about some scumbag pulling a prank or trying to make you vulnerable so they can commit an act of crime.

Thank goodness, there are women who are very alert when they get off work and are passing on their alertness and tips to others, especially single women. Recently, this young 19-year-old woman’s post went viral on Facebook after she was suspicious and feared for her safety.


H/T I Have The Truth:

This should serve as a warning to every female who spots this happening to her. Ashley Hardacre posted on her Facebook page about finding a flannel shirt on her car window when she was leaving from work at a mall late at night.

And she explained why in a Daily Mail report:

Ashley Hardacre was leaving work at a mall in Flint, Michigan on February 15 when she spotted the shirt tangled around her windshield wiper after she got into her car. She said she noticed two cars hovering near her vehicle, almost as if they were waiting which made her suspicious.

She took to Facebook to warn others about the possible tactic, writing: ‘I got to my car and locked the doors behind me immediately as I always do and noticed that there was a blue flannel shirt on my windshield.

Instead of trying to remove it, I drove away and rolled down her window at a safe location to pull the shirt off. At first I thought maybe someone had just thrown it on my car for some odd reason.’


‘I used my windshield wipers to try to get them off but the shirt was completely wrapped around my wiper blade. I had seen posts lately about people finding things under their windshield wipers in the Burton/Flint area as an attempt to get girls out of their cars and distracted.’

Because she saw the posts and heeded her parents’ warnings, she knew to pull over to a safe area to roll down her window to remove the shirt.

She ended the Facebook status: ‘I’m so glad my parents had informed me that it was happening in our area, I just never thought it would potentially happen to my car.

The warning post has gone viral with over 92,000 people sharing the story and thousands of others leaving supportive comments.

Eric Almoney: “OMG so glad you’re safe. Sounds like a terrifying situation.”

Angie Shilling: “Very smart of you!! Glad u r ok and thanks for sharing.”

It’s unknown as to what or why or who may have done this, however, police are searching through mall security footage to look for additional clues.

I dont’ know about you, but if this were to happen to me, I’d probably take the same precaution – lock my car doors, start my car and drive to a safe place. I would DEFINITELY NOT get out of my car and remove the shirt, especially if I noticed a couple other cars parked nearby with their engines running.

It’s hard to say if these were just young kids who were bored and out getting their thrills from a prank or who knows what. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ‘err on the side of caution’.

I think most women have a gut feeling and if it doesn’t feel right, it most likely isn’t.

While nothing happened to Ashley Hardacre, she’s hoping her post will help others think twice if it happens to them.

As Sergeant Phil Esterhaus used to say on “Hill Street Blues”…




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