$180,000 Payout To 3 Women For Being Forced To Remove Hijab For Mugshot

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Even having your photo taken in private by a female officer isn’t enough. Now, you deserve a pile of cash too.

New York City is now on the hook for a total of $180,000 after three Muslim women banded together to file complaints about having to take off their head coverings for mug shots.

After criminal charges failed, the complaints were moved to civil court and the $180,000 was

The Incidents

One case dates back to 2012 where a Muslim girl in high school was arrested after a fight broke out between her and two other girls. The Muslim girl suspected the other two of spreading rumors, and when she was brought into the station she protested removing her hijab but was eventually brought into a private room. There, a female officer took her photo without her hijab on.

At a different station for a different case, police were unable to accommodate the woman because there were no female officers and the camera was fixed to one stop. The women alleged that a male officer who took her photo without her head covering made her feel “exposed, violated and distraught” and was “forced” to have her head uncovered for 20 minutes while men looked at her.

(It’s a mugshot, not a colonoscopy! –ed.)

The third woman involved in the settlement said that her hijab was removed while she was still at the scene of her arrest.

March 2015 Policy Change

In the spring of 2015, New York Police issued an order changing policy on people who refuse to remove religious head coverings. Now, officers must offer the choice of a private photograph to the suspect with an officer of the same gender.

Gee, if only cops would be so gentle to the religious protesters who gather outside of abortion clinics to offer prayer and counselling.

December 2017 Policy Change… Again

A few months ago, the New York Policy Department bowed to the lawyer hired by the first girl (the one arrested in a brawl) and handed down more policies concerning the hijab. Lawyer Tahanie Aboushi said that the new guidelines “protects the exercise of religious freedom.”

The Lawyer

Tahanie Aboushi’s resume notes that she is fluent in Arabic and was born in New York City. She was featured in a 2015 piece by The Guardian about American Muslims where she complained that she was referred to as “Saddam’s daughter.” She said of her nine siblings, not all of them wear a hijab and that:

“We [my family] were taught that [wearing hijab] is your religion, this is your culture. But then there was always an understanding that then, this is your free will.”

Hey Kids… Wanna Wear A Hijab?

Last summer, America Eagle Outfitter was under fire for an advertising campaign that featured models wearing hijabs along with the brand’s clothing.

The brand, best known for the jeans branded for a teenage demographic, now sells a matching denim hijab.

Yeah, but NUNS!

Let’s not pretend that this new policy is anything but bowing down in fear to Muslims.

The argument I hate the most defending the existence hijab in western society is that “nuns cover themselves up, too, but you call them devoted!”

If you’ve ever met a nun, or had one in your family, you know that it takes years of training to be accepted into the sisterhood and that you are free to leave at any time. And if you stop being a nun, you will not be stoned to death. Oh, and nuns don’t consider laywomen who don’t cover their hair to be whores.

Some churches still require laywomen to cover their hair during a service, but it’s usually with a see-through veil.

How To Force Your Christian Family To Wear Hijab

First, wait until your wife is finally able to sit down at the end of the day. Tell her that by showing her hair, she is bringing disgrace to the family. She’ll either stare at you or start laughing about how she hasn’t had time for a hair appointment in six months and the people at the grocery store should be lucky that she even had time to shower.

Then, find your daughter. Tell her to that you will be calling her soccer coach and letting him know that you will be wearing a Nike Sports hijab from now on. Make sure to take away her phone first so she can’t post a complaint on Facebook.

Go back to your wife. She will still be laughing, or will be asking you if you have time to continue the series on Netflix the two of you had been watching. Continue to preach about morality as she slowly turns the volume up. Tell her that God wants her to obey her husband; she’ll tell you that the rule only holds if her husband is being a good man in return.

Then, enjoy sleeping on the couch.

Sources: Fox News, The Guardian

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