Kansas 16 Year Old To Graduate Both High School and Harvard U This Spring

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When he was a child, Braxton Moral was called “really, really gifted,” and now the teen is going to prove it!

Braxton is set to graduate high school, like any normal teen, but as well, he is at the same time, graduating from Harvard University!

He will graduate from Ulysses High School on May 19, 2019. Then he will go on to attend university ceremonies on May 30 to receive his Harvard bachelor of liberal arts degree in extension studies in government.

Braxton has been studying at the Harvard extension school since Jr. Hi. He has taken some courses online and has then attended classes on Harvard’s campus during the summer.

“I’m not any different; I just do a little thing on the side,” he told NPR. “I try to play it down at high school because if I talk about it, it becomes a divide.”

NPR reports:

But when he was 3 years old, he could “entertain people” at volleyball games by calculating the score’s difference in points, his mother, Julie Moral, told NPR. People also said he had a big vocabulary. Still, she didn’t notice that her son was gifted.

By second grade, he was getting bused to a different building with third- and fourth-graders for English and math, she said. Then he skipped the fourth grade.

As he got older, he started to become depressed. He was asking questions like, “Why do I exist?” and “What’s my purpose?” she said.

His parents took him to a community college for testing. “They thought the machine was broken,” his father, Carlos Moral, told The Hutchinson News. “He was like off the scale, beyond an associate’s degree.”

The Duke University Talent Identification Program told the family that Braxton needed to be challenged. Around age 11, he began Harvard University’s extension program, which “ideally serves” working professionals who can attend classes both on campus and online.

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Despite his achievements, Braxton is in many ways a normal kid. He hangs out with friends, sees movies, and plays video games like World of Warcraft. He certainly never thought that his achievement would garner so much attention.

“I never really anticipated any large response,” Braxton says. “I thought it would help me as a person improve.”

The difficult portion was paying tuition fees at Harvard. His young age meant he wasn’t eligible for most scholarships and bursaries, and the fees, as you well know, are rather pricey.

“Because I don’t have a high school diploma, because I’m only 16 , I’m not allowed certain financial aid packages,” Moral said. “So I have to either to pay out of pocket or get gifts for it.”

However, he said Harvard has stepped up: the university is paying for half his tuition, with his parents dealing with most of the rest.

To help him offset the cost of his bachelor’s degree, he’s also taken out a couple student loans.

Braxton plans on continuing his education at Harvard Law School. AFter practicing law for a time, he has ambitions to go into national politics. He even has the White House in his sights!

“I think that Harvard Law is the next step for me and I’d really like to go there,” Moral said. But he called going there just a “stepping stone.”

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