12-Year-Old Girl Suspected Of Suicide After Suffering Through Constant ‘Snapchat’ Bullies

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At a New Jersey middle school, students made the choice to attend class on Monday dressed in light blue to raise awareness of a serious problem in public schools – bullying. This act by the students was brought on after the suspected suicide of their 12-year-old schoolmate.

Friends of Mallory Grossman, of Rockaway Township, say that on the face of it, the happy young woman took her own life last Wednesday after being tortured by bullies on the social media app, Snapchat.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has started up an investigation into Grossman’s death. Officials have yet to corroborate whether the death was self-inflicted, or not.

Relatives and friends of the young girl told NBC New York that Mallory’s mother, local textile entrepreneur Dianne Grossman, had warned the school administrators at Copeland Middle School about the supposed cyber-bullying just hours before the girl died.

The obituary that was made for Mallory stated that the 12-year-old loved the outdoors, was benevolent and caring to all. As a hobby in her free time, she enjoyed crafting jewelry and donating the proceeds to a summer camp for children suffering from cancer.

The obituary reads:

‘Every once in a great while, heaven sends down a teacher in the form of a child. Mallory was our teacher. She taught us how to love each other as only a child can. Her purpose and impact on this world is beyond what we can see or feel. And everyone who takes her lessons are better for having done so. She inspired. She was kind. She was innocent. She was beautiful. And she was pure.’

Daily Mail:

Mallory is survived by her parents, Dianne and Seth Grossman, and her three siblings – two sisters and a brother.

A GoFundMe campaign that has been launched to help the Grossman family with their daughter’s final expenses has raised more than $68,000 as of Tuesday morning, easily surpassing the initial goal of $20,000.

According to an update posted on Monday by the friend who started the fundraiser, a portion of the donations will go towards various charitable causes that were important to Mallory. A memorial service for the 12-year-old girl is being held Tuesday evening in the Garden of Hope at Norman Dean Home for Services in Denville, New Jersey.

Rockaway Township Schools Superintendent Greg McGann said in a statement last week that the district is fully cooperating with the authorities in their investigation., reported Parsippany Patch.

The school had moved to make sure that grief counselors were made available for any of the students and staff at Copeland, who felt they needed help coping with the school’s loss. Mallory had been registered as a sixth-grader at the school. Grossman had been participating in gymnastics and cheerleading at the Star Athletics Cheer & Tumbling in Bootnon, and it was there, that on Monday her teammates put on powder-blue outfits to send a loud message to every one that would care, the message that bullying cannot be allowed to continue shattering peoples lives.This story was a heavy one, so if any are in need of confidential support, call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.

Don’t give up.

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