100 Days In and Pelosi Has Accomplished NOTHING and Refuses To Pass A Budget!

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have just passed the important 100 day in control mark and have accomplished NOTHING! Zilch, zip, nada, zippo, zero, nought…not anything! On top of that, she has refused to create a budget.

Note that the first 100 days of  Congress are generally among the most productive as we look through history. But these Democrats are getting nothing done, and that is not a good sign going forward, or for them in 2020.

But seriously, have you noticed that for 15 years Congressional Democrats have not yet introduced any budget at all? In the House, they’re currently saying that they’re not going to produce a budget.

Pelosi and Steny Hoyer even wrote an op-ed at CNN, trying to declare their accomplishments:

“In November, the American people elected Democrats to take back the reins of power in the House of Representatives and put it back to work on their behalf. In our first 100 days in the majority, we have begun to deliver on that promise.

With a dynamic, diverse and energized freshman class of 63 new members, Democrats are moving ahead with our agenda for the people:

Lower health care costs and the price of prescription drugs, increase paychecks by rebuilding the infrastructure of America in a green, modern and job-creating way, and clean up corruption in Washington so that the government works for the public interest, not the special interests.”

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I hate to have to explain to Pelosi and Hoyer, but a list of goals is definitely not accomplishment. Democrats are responsible for the ever rising healthcare costs because of ObamaCare. And you crazies, the President already took care of rising wages and y’all want to stop that at all costs!

Leslie Stahl asked Pelosi about ‘nothing getting done’ on 60 minutes. Pelosi was offended!

“We’ve only been together 100 days,” Pelosi angrily shot back. “The fact that we’ve even passed them in the House is a victory.”

So, yes, we might have to give them that one accomplishment. They took back the house…in a midterm… which is usually the case.

C’mon Pelosi, just admit it. McCarthy is correct. Y’all have done nothing. Y’all have been too busy fighting your internal civil war to do anything in the first place.

“We are three days away from the 100-day mark of Democrats holding the majority of the House … and you can sum up the first 100 days in three words: radicalism, resistance and resolutions,” Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said during a press conference Wednesday.

McCarthy also noted that the House was scheduled to vote on a two-year budget plan, but that Pelosi abandoned the vote after the progressive wing of her caucus demanded more spending on social programs and revolted against the legislation.

Rep. Steve Scalise, said that the Democrats being led by Pelosi are defined by “failure” Thursday while appearing on the “Ingraham Angle.”

“Tomorrow marks the one-hundredth day of Nancy Pelosi’s speakership and it’s been defined by nothing but failure,” Scalise told host Laura Ingraham.

“Failure to secure the border; a failure to focus on lowered health care costs; failure to end infanticide; failure to stand up to the anti-Semitism,” he said.

Scalise believes Democrats are avoiding real issues in order to “harass” the president.

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“It’s just one thing after another and they continue to want to harass President Trump and not deal with the real issues.”

In closing, let us note this tidbit from Pelosi’s interview on 60 minutes:

Pelosi told Lesley Stahl “We just started. We just started,” when asked again why nothing is getting done in the House. “We’re three months since we were in office.”

“Hey, may I introduce you to the idea of the power of the speaker is to set the agenda,” she said.

“We didn’t have a speaker who would bring a gun bill to the floor. We didn’t have a speaker who would bring a dreamers issue to the floor. But we do now and that’s a very big difference. The power of the speaker is awesome, awesome.”

Yeah…power is awesome!

Keep the popcorn running!

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