10 ‘Anonymous Donors’ Behind the March For Our Lives Exposed

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Nobody really believes the lie that the March for our Lives was organized by high school students. Here are the names of ten left-wing donors to the movement.

The full list of names is not available, because the March For Our Lives event is a registered 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy organization. As such, they are not required to give the names of their donors. Gee, pretty good and fast work for a bunch of kids. Filing that paperwork isn’t cheap or fast.

Thanks to the work of several conservatives, we do know for a fact that these are the names of at least ten groups or people who gave money to the March.

American Federation of Teachers

The AFT represents more than 1.7 million teachers from kindergarten all the way to post secondary education. On top of that, their ranks include early childhood educators and 250,000 retired members. In 2008, the AFT gave over 1.7 million to Hillary Clinton and a further 1.9 million to Barack Obama for their political campaigns. In 2015, the group endorsed Hillary Clinton for the 2016 race. Hillary Clinton is a longtime friend of Randi Weingarten, the current President of the AFT. The endorsement of Clinton caused trouble in the ranks, as like the rest of the Democrats in America they preferred Sanders over Hillary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz is a former Democratic National Committee chair who was responsible for the Great Switch-Off between Bernie Sanders, who had the grassroots support of the people over to Hillary Clinton, who is a demon hag that nobody likes. Earlier today we mentioned Debbie in an article, as she connected with a Democratic congresswoman who was secretly recorded admitting being a Black Panther.


Mark Kelly & the Gifford Foundation

Perhaps the only gun-oriented organization on this list, the Gifford Foundation was started by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly. Giffords survived an attempt on her life when she was shot during an event in 2011 in Arizona.

Michael Bloomberg & Everytown for Gun Safety

Currently the 7th richest guy in the US and the 10th in the world, Michael Bloomberg was the mayor of New York City for three terms starting in 2001. He has since been replaced by Bill de Blasio. Bloomberg endorsed Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in 2016 for the Presidency after himself attempting a run and then dropping out.

The Everytown group is a collection of mayors, and according to Bloomberg it was founded as a direct competitor to the NRA in the public space of gun rights and gun safety.


MoveOn was founded as a way to keep people from remembering that Bill Clinton raped an intern in the White House and later co-founded another left-wing organization known as Avaaz. MoveOn endorsed Bernie Sanders after polling their membership. You may see their name pop up from time to time whenever herds of celebrities get together to repeat some dumb lines written for them by the group.

Planned Parenthood

They kill babies and call it health care.


George Soros & Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation, Women’s March, Louis Farrakhan

George Soros is the granddaddy of rot in the left and pays for every nasty bit of left-wing propaganda from global warming lies to anything else you can imagine. There are no grassroots left wing organizations that don’t take money from Soros.

Last year it was found out that Kellogg’s was a supporting of Soros and the Tides Foundation, causing a major boycott to kick off at several conservative websites including Breitbart. Cereal shouldn’t be political.

Friends Committee of National Legislation

Quaker-influenced lobbyists who somehow have tens of millions of dollars in the bank.

Jeri Rhodes & Greenpeace

How can Greenpeace achieve their goals without guns? Conservative is a major part of keeping animal populations alive!

March For Our Fundraising Budgets

No, the March For Our Lives wasn’t a children’s crusade honestly started by a small group of kids working from their computers at home between soccer practice and algebra homework (PSA: Algebra is white privilege now).

This was organized and paid for by major figures in the left wing who have been organizing and antagonizing for socialism for decades. These kids are all being used, and it’ll be a good ten years if we’re lucky before any of them really come to terms with that fact.

Sources: Wikipedia, AFT, TheBlaze


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