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[Watch] Italian Reporter Attacked By Migrants on Live TV!


This Italian reporter was just doing her job – reporting the news. Then, it got ugly. It wasn’t long before she found herself being ‘the news’.  Not only was she assaulted, her own cameraman was too.

Italian TV reporter Francesca Parisella was doing her job, she was reporting on the refugees arriving from Africa and sleeping outside the central terminal train station in Rome.  Many of these same immigrants after coming to Italy, work their way north to Europe, to cause more harm and destruction.

But it was no sooner than she started reporting the news…her live news feed was interrupted. That’s when SHE became the news. Thank goodness there was a good samaritan that came to her rescue.

H/T Infowars:

Shock video out of Italy shows a female reporter fleeing in panic after being attacked by migrants on live television.

Francesca Parisella was assaulted as she was showing viewers of Italy’s Matrix Channel 5 how migrants had turned Rome’s Termini Station into a temporary camp.

Viewers see migrants sleeping outside the train station surrounded by trash. After a voice is heard in the background, the feed is cut.

The feed returns a few seconds later, with Parisella explaining, “We were attacked!”

“What do you want? Are you crazy?” Parisella asks the migrant, before letting out a loud scream.

“Oh My God!”, states the host of the show, before instructing his production team to call the police.

The migrant attempted to violently assault both Parisella and her cameraman, but both were rescued by a passing taxi driver who bundled them to safety inside his car and called the police.

The attacker was later identified as a 37-year-old from the Ivory Coast with no documents or residence permit who authorities had ordered deported back in September last year.

Parisella is so lucky to be alive. She is also fortunate to have had a such a good samaritan or hero – a taxi driver, come along and rescue her. But seriously…why would anyone with common sense let this woman go out among scumbags like this…just for the news? Come on man! Couldn’t they have at least put some security measures in place, like a few policemen or bodyguards to support her? What were they thinking?

Here are thousands of illegal immigrants sleeping on the street, just looking for any opportunity to make a good buck or reak havoc on innocent young women. These lowlifes smashed property – for what reason? Just because. They chased down an innocent female news reporter. What do you think they would have done to her, had she not kicked them?…hopefully in the gonads too.

Italy and southern Europe have had hundreds of boatloads of these migrants come from North Africa enter their country. Most not properly vetted.  But then, how do you properly vet immigrants without any proper paperwork?

This has been going on for at least two decades.  Italy keeps bearing the brunt of this flow of iillegal migrants from Africa. It’s also responded by repressing laws on illegal immigration.

Gee Italy, sounds like Democrats and Obama’s policies on illegal immigration in America.  Of course, the longer the wall doesn’t get built, it’s beginning to also sound like the Establishment Republicans. You really want to know why Trump wants to build a wall?…just ask Parisella.




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