Watch What Happened To Muslim Migrants Who Groped A Woman In Public


The permeation of our culture by radical Muslims is not a new issue. It is something we have battled for some time. It is also something that affects not only the United States. Many parts of Europe are struggling with this issue as well. We are also struggling with people who migrate to our country and then expect our country to conform to the norms of their country. This is why this story will not shock you in the least bit.

One man was caught on camera going to bat for his wife who was being harassed by refugees of the Muslim faith in public. Watch below,

The video that was circulated via the internet and showed a couple huddled together trying to take a selfie at a public park. As they were in the middle of trying to take a picture two Muslim refugees came up from behind them and began groping his wife.

In retaliation the woman’s husband shoved the Muslim refugee who groped his wife and started screaming at him to keep away from them. The entire ordeal shows the husband protecting his wife and running the refugees off.

As time goes on more and more of these types of incidents are happening. While this husband was able to defend his wife the same cannot be promised next time. What if she had been alone? What if she could not have defended herself? What would have happened? Americans should not have to live in constant fear of what could or might happen.

If an individual cannot conform to our societal expectations they should not live here. We aren’t asking them to change their faith or to somehow behave differently than what is appropriate. Simply that they abide by the letter of the law. That is not too difficult. They should be arrested for harassment.

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