President Trump Arrested THIS High Profile Mexican Official


President Trump has been tough on immigration from the very onset of his campaign. Thus, his administration has been no different. People like criticizing him for what he says about Mexican illegal immigration, but he is right. We have been taken advantage of and it has to stop. He proved he was a man of his words after he said he would hold Mexico accountable when he arrested a high-ranking Mexican politician!

President Trump has sent U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents to arrest forty-six-year-old Edgar Veytia, a Mexican national. Veytia is the attorney general for the Mexican state of Nayarit which is located along the Mexican-American border. His criminal charges include smuggling heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and numerous other drugs. All charges include an intent to distribute.

The ironic part about it is, he was adamantly opposed to his district area becoming a narco-state. Yet… he was just arrested on drug crimes. He was once heard saying the following,

“Nayarit is not fertile ground for law-breaking. Here, there is no room for organized crime.”

His crime life started all the way back in 2012. Clearly crime pays, especially in Mexico. Even high-profile politicians are not immune to the full and heavy hand of the law. Nobody is above the law. The President proved that by allowing the issuance of his warrant. President Trump knew the serious consequences of the Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigration. He was smart to not want that permeating our culture and streets.

Being smart does not make him a bigot or a xenophobe. The district of Nayarit is so close to the United States it is no wonder what would have happened if he had been able to continue drug running like he had. The United States is better off and safer thanks to Trump’s policies on immigration.

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