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Muslim Scammers Just Got THIS Sentence For Welfare Fraud Case


One of the greatest cases of injustice in this country right now is concerning fraud. There is nothing worse than someone scamming the United States Government, when our country does so much for us. Which is why this case will infuriate you, and for good reason.

The media has reported of two Muslim retailers that plead guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. The two men are Mohammad Shafiq and Muhammad Sarmad. Both are guilty of food stamp fraud no less and the judge sentenced them to merely eighteen months in prison. That is not enough!

They were both found guilty during trial of exchanging food stamps for money. The food stamp program is known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. It’s aim is to assist low-income individuals in paying for groceries when they don’t have enough monthly income to do so.

Ordinarily people who have SNAP benefits use a card similar to a debit card that can only be used at certain companies that accept SNAP benefits. Both of the thugs were licensed to accept SNAP benefits. But instead of abiding by the law the two men exchanged cash for SNAP benefits from their customers.

In the short run what they did was give welfare recipients half the value of their benefits in cash as opposed to the healthy food items that SNAP usually covers. Over a six year period they ran their scam up to $3.5 to $3.7 million! That is a preposterous amount of money.

Six years of a criminal life and they are only spending a little over a year in jail! They belong there for a few years at minimum and should be required to pay back the money they scammed from the government.

Those who do not believe in American values and those who are not willing to abide by our laws should be deported immediately. Leeches on society are not something to be celebrated.  This is completely embarrassing. This entitlement mentality and scam artist behavior was covertly endorsed and supported under the Obama administration, but no longer under the Trump administration.


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