Mexican Illegal Pulls A Gun On Cop. Watch What Happens!


There is nothing better than watching karma catch people. It is better than any punishment we on earth can give them. While liberals try to promote their policies of catch and release and open borders Americans are paying the price. One police officer almost paid the price with his life when a Mexican man pulled a gun on him. But the liberal media is not reporting on this of course.

39 year old Nicolas Sanchez was born in Mexico and came to the United States illegally. He recently robbed a convenience store while toting a firearm. However, he showed the firearm accidently when he kept pulling his arms up to shrug saying,

“I don’t have nothing.”

Watch the ordeal here,

Who would have thought having a gun meant nothing? Clearly there is far more difference between Mexico and the United States than just a language barrier. A video was taken of the entire altercation between the police officer and the illegal alien.

The video shows the police officer telling the Mexican man not to reach for the gun and the man proceeding to run away. The two began to fight and eventually the police officer grabbed his gun and shot the man. Sanchez died on the scene of the crime. While the loss of any life is nothing to celebrate the man clearly had it coming.

When you commit a crime, run from the police, harbor a weapon, refuse to tell law enforcement officials about it and then grab the gun this is what happens. Our streets are being overrun with illegal immigrants who take no issue with flagrantly breaking the law.

The Trump administration is going to do everything in its power to ensure this is no longer the case. ICE agents are already conducting raids to detain illegal immigrants and send them back to the country they came from. It is only  matter of time before this issue is one of the past. Had President Obama had more time in office or Hillary Clinton won the election we would be living in a much different and more dangerous world.

Police officers have a right to defend themselves and our American citizens and that is exactly what this police officer did.

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