An Illegal Deported 4 TIMES Under Obama Was Just Arrested For THIS!


The issue of violent criminal illegal aliens is something that Americans have to deal with every day. President Trump brought this to the spotlight during the beginning of his campaign. But nothing could prepare anyone for the heinous crime that was committed against a two-year-old girl by a gang of criminal aliens.

MS-13 gangs have been terrorizing communities in our country for some time now. They are from various Central American countries and composed of members from highly organized gangs that are known for violent crime. Sanctuary cities within the United States are harboring these criminals no less.

One MS-13 gang member named Tommy Alvarado-Ventura is thirty-one years old and he has previously been deported a total of four times but he somehow got back and this final time he committed an atrocious crime. Alvarado-Ventura has plead not guilty to sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl in Long Island, New York.

The entire ordeal started when the suspect got into a heated discussion with a woman about a marijuana deal they were making. Shortly after the argument he stabbed her while they were yelling at each other in a parking lot which caused her lungs to collapse. Her status is unknown.

Alvarado-Ventura went home and sexually assaulted the young girl while her mother was at work said Nassau County Police Commissioner Thomas Krumpter. When the mother came home and found out what happened she and Alvarado-Ventura started fighting and he stabbed her after which she barricaded herself off in a room before calling law enforcement.

Krumpter told the media it was one of the most heinous criminal acts he had ever seen in his life. This is the direct result of passive immigration policy under the Obama administration spilling over into the Trump administration. Their policies of catch and release have allowed violent aliens to run free and commit abhorrent crimes.

No child deserves to go through such trauma yet this young girl did. All because of the liberal need to be politically correct and not come off as intolerant by having open borders. But if this tragedy proves nothing else it proves what can happen when we don’t properly vet the people who emigrate here.

Our citizens deserve more and they are going to get just that under the Trump administration. Border crossings have already begun to significantly decrease and if Trump can keep that up we might just be rid of our immigration problem in a matter of years.

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