Trump Supports New Healthcare Bill! Listen To His Comments.


The majority of Republicans who were reelected ran their campaigns on repealing the Affordable Care Act. President Trump also ran his campaign promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the President has formally endorsed the House’s new healthcare bill they released on Monday.


On Monday the President said that he supports the new bill as it follows all the guidelines he wished to be laid out in it. In a press conference on Tuesday he made the following comments,

“Obamacare is in very bad shape. I believe that if we wait two years it will totally implode, and it’s pretty much imploding now, Steve, when you think. But it’ll implode and people will be like, ‘please help us, please help us,’ and that’ll be the Democrats asking for help. They already are asking for help in the true sense of the word.

Because it’s a disaster, the insurance companies are fleeing, some states are up over 100% in costs, the deductibles are through the roof, you don’t even get to use it. So we’re gonna do something that’s great and I’m proud to support the replacement plan released by the House of Representatives and encouraged by members of both parties.

I think really that we’re going to have something that’s going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. It follows the guidelines I laid out in my congressional address. A plan that will lower costs, expand choices, increase competition and ensure healthcare access for all Americans.”

This will be a plan where you can choose your doctor, this will be a plan where you can choose your plan. And you know what the plan is, this is the plan. And we’re gonna have a tremendous, I think, we’re gonna have a tremendous success. It’s a complicated process, but actually it’s very simple, it’s called, ‘good healthcare.’”

The new health care bill has been far more moderate than those on the left have claimed it would be. It maintains that pre-existing conditions cannot be a reason for coverage denial and that those under 26 can still be covered on their parents’ insurance.

But some Republicans are not in favor of this new bill, most notably, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky who accuses Republicans of creating an ‘Obamacare-lite’ policy. Charles Krauthammer noted that if the bill were defeated and not passed into legislation it could be fatal for the Trump presidency.

While Speaker of the House Paul Ryan labeled the new bill an ‘act of mercy’ for the nightmare of Obamacare. But Ryan remained assertive and confidant that he would gain the necessary votes to pass the bill. Rumors have been circulating that due to the push back the Trump administration has been getting from the Republican Party they have been pushing for the replacement to appear on the House floor; In an attempt to quell the anxiousness of their own constituents.

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