One Member Of The Bush Family Is Supporting A Cause Trump is Trying To Defund!


During the presidential election there was a lot of inner turmoil within the Republican Party. Stalwart Conservatives refused to endorse certain presidential candidates. Donald Trump is the one who most struggled with such endorsements. The Bush family was notably one of those staunchly “conservative” families that remained silent. But now some of their actions indicate they aren’t as Switzerland-esque as people would like to believe.


Former President George W. Bush’s daughter, Barbara Pierce Bush, gave a keynote speech at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser yesterday. Reports indicate that media outlets were not allowed inside the event. But the Texas Tribune was able to obtain an audio from her speech.

In her speech Bush said the following,

“Our belief that health is a human right is not reflected in today’s reality. Millions of people’s potentials and futures are undermined simply because they do not have access to the health care that they deserve. We have these incredible tools to solve problems, yet health systems are weak, and we need new leaders to fix them.”

She went on,

“In October, when I was asked to speak, I said yes and I was thrilled, but I was under the assumption that history was going to go differently. That was not meant to be a political statement; I just thought the cards were going to fall in a different way. I’m so happy I said yes, because this work could not matter more.”

Bush explained that she firmly believes Planned Parenthood is a one-stop shop for women seeking health assistance. She added that the organization makes an incredible investment into women and children.

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The Fort Worth Star Telegram reported that she also said the following in support of Planned Parenthood,

“I am proud to stand with Planned Parenthood not only because women, regardless of where they are from, deserve to live dignified, healthy lives, [but]… because it’s a really good investment. We know that when women are healthy, their families and their children are healthier too.”

CEO Ken Lambrecht who covers Planned Parenthood in Greater Texas commented on Bush’s speech to KHOU-TV and said,

“Barbara Pierce Bush was an amazing speaker for Planned Parenthood today and spoke what we all believe, that women’s health should not be politicized.”

Considering how staunchly pro-life her father was, her statements and clear stance on funding for Planned Parenthood is rather surprising. But it is also in line with her mother’s statements during the campaign, where she indicated she could not understand how women could vote for Trump. It seems that the differences between Trump and the Bushes are growing larger by the day.

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