ONE Congressional Democrat Is Boycotting Trump’s Joint Session! See Who’s Joining!


If all of the protesting done by liberal activists was not enough to prove to you they are petulant children their new antics will. The Democrats in Congress are back at it again. They just cannot help themselves. Rep. Maxine Waters from California is still trying to do everything in her power to resist the President in every way possible and now she is encouraging her congressional colleagues to do the same.

Without the consent of Congress

In their own words back in 2008, we need change, and our President deserves the chance to lead. Even former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said it. But apparently that is a one way street that only Republicans are expected to follow and obey.

On Tuesday night the President will be giving his very first speech before a joint session of Congress. Waters is refusing to attend and allegedly is planning on skipping. ABC News reported that she spoke to her Caucus on Tuesday morning where she admitted her plans and said that,

“anyone who can’t sit still shouldn’t go.”

Waters also skipped Trump’s inauguration back in January. When asked why she made the decision she said,

“I don’t honor him, I don’t respect him and I don’t want to be involved with him.”

In her boycott she was joined by seventy other Democratic legislators. However, this time it does not appear that her Democratic coworkers will be joining her. Anonymous sources indicate that Democrats are planning to go and behave in a dignified manner. Hopefully dignified doesn’t mean the way their constituents are treating Republican politicians holding town halls.

If their behavior is anything like their constituents they should be thrown out immediately. Considering the President’s track record, he won’t let it go, just because he is giving a speech. If nothing else, any type of Democratic misbehavior will be met with some highly entertaining responses from the President.

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