Joe Biden JUST Praised Donald Trump! Listen Here!


It is no surprise or secret that former Vice President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama were no fans of President Trump. They both worked tirelessly on the campaign trail for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to try and ensure her win, but it failed miserably. Despite all the nasty things they have said about the President, one of them made some surprisingly shocking statements about the current President recently.  joe-biden_barack-obama

Biden spoke at a press conference in Delaware where members of the press core pushed him on whether or not he feels President Trump should be given the right to govern. The former Vice President’s response will surprise you in the best possible way. He said,

“”Sure he does. That’s exactly why you haven’t seen the president on any of the shows. I mean if I was able to charge, you guys would pay me a lot of money to come on the shows — not a joke. That’s why you haven’t heard anything from us about that.”

He described how he felt the reason the transition has allegedly been so rough is because he believes the President did not think he was going to win and thus did not prepare. Thus, the reasoning why it took him so long to fill the various positions that needed to be filled.

The former Vice President is looking to open the Biden Institute. A research and policy center that focuses on developing solutions to public policy issues. But he indicated he will be more likely to work on bipartisan projects in the political arena, while not focusing on bashing the President.

He also admitted that he and President Obama made a pact not to engage in the back and forth, President Trump is so famous for. But he ended on a hopeful note by discussing his cancer moonshot and how he wishes the new administration will carry on this mission. He said,

It’s my hope that this new Administration, once they get organized — and I’m not being facetious — that they will work in this fight against cancer. And I pledge I will do whatever I can do to work with this new Administration.”

Combatting cancer is certainly a bipartisan issue everyone can agree on. If there is anything that can bring both sides of the aisle together it would be working on an issue such as this. Only time will tell if the President is willing to work with the former Vice President on this issue.

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