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DISGRACEFUL Behavior Exposes Democrats Disrespecting Wife Of Slain Navy Seal


Whereas most Americans, the real ones who understand what America is meant to be..really favored President Trump’s speech to the joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

He even has mainstream media outlets praising him for his speech… SHOCKER!

However, there was still some divide, because…Democrats. Surprise, surprise…right? There is one moment though that should have been hands down a unifying moment for everyone in that room, but it was not.

When Trump spoke and honored the widow of fallen Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, there were Democrats that refused to put their partisan politics aside…the asshats couldn’t even pretend to be respectful for a minute.

For the rest of the room though it was a thunderous applause that continued at that volume for several minutes as she stood their looking skyward and sobbing. She was very clearly thinking of her husband.

Instead of giving this moment to this hero’s widow, Democrats took it upon themselves to behave like immature little brats, choosing to pout simply because the attention was not on them or what they wanted.

Apparently, a widow whose husband sacrificed his life for his country is not part of their agenda, so they couldn’t care less.

Oh but there was further disgraceful behavior that came from the keyboard social justice warriors that everyone wants to slap.

Although these were disgusting, the worst behavior was from Democrats in Congress. They literally refused to stand and applaud, and chose intead to sit and look miserable.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts in the comments about this…

I’m ticked, I can’t help but think you are too.


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