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Anti-Trump Protesters ARRESTED For Doing This!


The anti-Donald Trump protests have been going on since he won the election. In the beginning their were many and it was widely reported on. Now they are emerging once again but they are taking it one step too far. A total of five people were arrested at the rallies in Minnesota after reportedly setting fireworks inside of the state Capitol.


A spokesman from St. Paul told reporters that five people were arrested on felony charges and taken to jail on Saturday after the incidents occurred. Eye witnesses indicate they set the fireworks off and then fled on foot. A separate individual was arrested for disorderly conduct by the State Patrol.

KMSP-TV reported that approximately 400 people attended the rallies. This took place at the exact same time that rallies in support of Donald Trump were taking place. Indicating these were simply counter protests. There were about 40 to 50 counter protesters, which is more than half smaller than the rallies in favor of the President were.


Alison Heruth a Trump organizer told KMSP the following,

Our intent was to rally everybody. Doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, Republican, what race you are. We all need to come together.”

The Minnesota Star-Tribune reported that chants and taunts could be heard from the Capitol rotunda throughout the entire afternoon. Police had to intervene in order to separate the two sparring groups that were separated by pro-Donald Trump supporters and anti-Donald Trump detractors.

Various individuals uploaded videos of the events online to ‘YouTube’ and social media outlets. The videos showed the scuffle between the two sides. Several protesters on both sides admitted that the other had used mace and tasers against them. Yet law enforcement officials have said there is no way to confirm that.

Liberals want to preach tolerance and acceptance yet they are on the front lines attacking conservatives who are there for a peaceful rally. That is the antithesis of peaceful and tolerant. They constantly talk about wanting to bring people together but when they have the chance they start fights with people who are there peacefully.


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