NYC Mayor In Hot Water! The Feds Are After Him NOW!


The Mayor of New York City made headlines over the course of the presidential election for a myriad of different reasons. Now he is making headlines because he might end up in jail. Federal investigators from his own city questioned Mayor Bill de Blasio for close to five hours on Friday. He is allegedly involved in a corruption scandal that permeates the upper ranks of New York’s high society.

Specifically, he and his staff are being investigated for their actions in his 2013 campaign related to fundraising. There are accusations against him by the New York State Board of Elections that indicate members of his administration attempted to circumvent campaign finance laws by directing donations towards Senate campaigns on the state level in 2014.

Back in December the New York Times reported that multiple grand juries were already being put together for this investigation. There are cases on both the state and federal level. Now investigators are questioning the Mayor himself; this could mean things are starting to get serious.


After leaving his lawyer’s offices on Friday the Mayor did not speak to reporters. Prior to the meeting and questioning beginning, both Andrew Goldstein, who is the head of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s public corruption unit, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Russell Capone, were seen entering the offices.

Last month de Blasio said the following,

From the very beginning of these investigations, I’ve said that we did everything right. My team did everything right. I did everything right to abide by the law and comport ourselves in an ethical fashion.”

Spokesman Eric Philips said,

We remain confident that at all times the mayor and his staff acted appropriately and well within the law. We hope our continued cooperation will help bring a swift conclusion to the U.S. attorney’s review. In the interest of protecting the integrity of this process, we will refrain from any further comment at this time.”

It seems as though corruption runs rampant in the Democratic Party. If the party had any sense whatsoever, they would revamp and revitalize it the way Republicans have and perhaps then they might actually start winning elections. But until then, they will continue to stagnate and flounder.

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