Obama’s Repulsive Silence on Chicago Hate Crime Is Beyond Even Him [VIDEO]


To say that I’m not a big fan of Barack Obama is the understatement of this new century. Last week Mr. Obama set a new standard for depravity in the Oval Office.

You’ve probably been following the hate crimes in Chicago were for black teenagers kidnapped a mentally challenged white man and spent 48 hours in a racist, hate filled rant, torturing him.

President Obama is back at the White House, resting up from his Hawaiian vacation and couldn’t be reached for comment. His pathetic mouthpiece, Josh Ernest, told reporters that he’s confident “Obama would be angered by the images that are depicted on that video.” Really Josh?

Megyn Kelly did manage to get a comment out of the president.

Obama’s statement to Kelly proves that he lives in a bubble in Washington, and that he has stopped reading the newspapers. “I promise you, for the most part, race relations have gotten better…”

Really Mr. President? Race relations have gotten better? Actually sir,  they’ve gone to hell in a hand cart. And the reason they’ve gone to hell in a hand cart can be layed on your desk in the Oval Office. The desk where Harry Truman had a sign that said “The buck stops here.” That’s a concept that hasn’t been seen in your administration.

Shortly after you took office a police officer in Massachusetts arrested a black college professor who refused to cooperate with the officer. You called that an outrage and demanded that the two of them come to the White House for a “beer summit.” At that meeting you managed to extract an apology from the police officer without noting that had the black professor merely provided some ID, as the officer had requested, he never would have been arrested.

And then there was the teenage punk in Florida who was trying to beat a man to death and the man shot him in self-defense. Your conduct on that one was beyond the pale. “If I had a son, he could’ve been Treyvon.”

And then in Ferguson, Missouri when the thug, Michael Brown, was killed in self-defense by a police officer, you led the charge once again by sending your “Justice Department” to Ferguson, just as you had done in Florida. They were not able to put together any sort of prosecution, and in both instances they found the shootings were justified. But you steadfastly avoided talking about that.

Which brings us to the hate crime in Chicago.

Not only did you preface your remarks by saying that “race relations have gotten better,” but you deflected the crime by referring to “tensions between police and communities.”

Mr. President, your focus on “tensions between police and communities” has resulted in skyrocketing crime rates in the inner cities. Murder rates in major cities – in black neighborhoods, with black men killing black men – have nearly doubled in the last two years. The primary reason for the increase in murders is what’s called “The Ferguson Effect.”

It seems as though every time a police officer confronts a criminal and the confrontation escalates to a justified shooting, your Justice Department shows up looking for heads. As a result, police officers are no longer doing proactive policing. they’re just waiting for 911 calls. Criminals know that you’ve got their back. And who is paying the price?

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