Obama Takes A Tip From Trump, Builds A Wall To Protect His New Home….



President Obama is taking a little tip from Donald Trump … he’s building himself a wall. Obama won’t build a wall for our country, but he sure as hell has no problem doing it for his new house in Washington DC.

Now, photos of construction at Obama’s soon-to-be D.C. rental have been released. You can also see construction underway in the garage. Reports say it will become an office with a bathroom.

The rental will be home to the Obamas until Sasha graduates, so naturally, they needed the property outfitted for the Secret Service and … it needed more fortification.

Man, that is one world class hypocrisy there.

Now I know what most people are thinking… “Well, of course, he gets a wall, he’s a former president, and needs the protection!”

But for some crazy reason we Americans don’t????

How many deaths, robberies, identity thefts, and so on could easily be linked to Obama’s porous borders? Yet, he didn’t do a thing about it.

Typical liberalism goes something like this “A WALL FOR ME, BUT NOT FOR THEE!”

Who else can’t wait for this narcissist liberal hypocrite to be gone?!

Go to your new villa Obama, and please, let the door of the Oval Office hit your ass on the way out!

Obama will be getting a new neighbor too. Ivanka Trump and her fam are moving nearby to a rental.

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