ISIS COWARDS Make Toddlers Do Their Dirty Work: Young Boy…. [Video]


The list of disturbing actions, that these animals of ISIS have committed, gets longer by the second. This, however, has got to be the worst we have seen so far.

ISIS took a brand new step toward the devil when they forced little children to murder prisoners. These people aren’t just ending the lives of little ones, they are corrupting their minds and torturing them for a lifetime.

These children who belong to the death cult will never recover and will go on to spread the violence and death that they’ve been taught since birth. It’s truly revolting…


A sickening video surfaced that showed a toddler shooting a prisoner to death in a ball pit in Syria. Of course, ISIS was the one to put this footage online.

In the video, you can see a child walking like an empty shell of a human across the ball pit, full of broken plastic balls, towards a prisoner who is tied to a fence by his wrists.

Then a man hands the toddler a gun, and without another thought the boy seen aiming the gun before seemingly pulling the trigger.

The footage ends just after a shot is fired…


It appears they are taunting our weak nation. They know we are weak because of Obama; what they don’t realize is that America is about to strike back. We have a new leader taking the reigns.

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