Hey Michael Vick Move Over, THIS NFL Thug Has Got You Beat!


A former NFL player was released from jail early after being given an 88-day credit for good behavior and working while being incarcerated.  Terrence Cody was sentenced in March to 9 months behind bars after pleading guilty to animal cruelty charges in regards to his Canary Mastiff.  Cody was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2010 NFL draft by the Baltimore Ravens.  After being cut loose by the Ravens, Cody now has little chance to ever play in the NFL again.


Photo by TMZ Sports

The Canary Mastiff purchased from Spain in which Cody paid a whopping $8,000.  After Cody had checked on his pet, he became worried about the health of the Mastiff and rushed the dog to the hospital.  The veterinarian put the dog down to prevent the dog from any more suffering.

In court, Cody claimed that he thought the dog had worms which is why he put the dog in isolation from his other dogs all of whom were otherwise found healthy.  A vet testified at the trial that the dog had only weighed a measly 50 pounds at the time of arrival.  The weight is a significant difference compared to the minimum weight of 100-140 pounds that the dog should have weighed.  A veterinarian for the prosecution claimed that the dog had been starved for nearly four weeks and lived in a crate covered in feces!

Authorities also found drugs and paraphernalia inside Cody’s home during an investigation.  Let’s hope Cody never plays another down in the NFL.  Read more here

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