‘They dumped ALL the poop out, it landed…’ Then She Saw It, Human Poo From A Passing Plane


She woke up one morning only to discover that her day was already off to a bad start! As this poor woman, Bethany Bowker, went to her car she saw that it was covered in human feces. She believes the waste was dropped from an airplane.

Bowker, from Utah, posted a video on social media a few days ago showing the smelly scene outside her home.

Her driveway looked as if someone had pelted it a thousand times with human turds, it went across her concrete driveway and all over her white Cadillac SUV.

‘The nice gift left all over my driveway and car from the airline that flies (sic) over our house…chunks of human feces!’ she wrote on Facebook when sharing the video.’

‘I want to vomit right now!’

In her video, she showed exactly how far the waste spread outside her house.

‘All those little brown things is (sic) poop,’ Bowker said. ‘They dumped all of the poop out of the airplane and landed in my driveway.’

‘Human poop. And I noticed it because my car is covered in human crap.’

‘I don’t understand how airlines can get away with dumping their human waste in my yard,’ she said, after claiming this has happened before.’

‘This just makes me sick. It’s human poop, smeared all over everything.’

‘I want some answers, why in the world would they be doing this.’

Bowker mentioned that she planned to report the incident, and send the footage, to the Federal Aviation Administration.3bda505f00000578-0-image-a-66_1483566380313

However, local reporters beat her to it and received the following statement in response:

‘The FAA periodically receives reports of blue ice (frozen wastewater) falling on a house. If the person can tell us (the FAA) exactly when and where it happened, we can try to run radar replays to see if an aircraft flew overhead around that time. We don’t provide any advice on how to clean up blue ice.’3bda504500000578-0-image-a-78_1483566703131

‘Blue ice’ is the name given to frozen sewage material that is leaked or dumped from planes in the air. In additional to the human elements, it also contains a liquid disinfectant.

An interesting tidbit of information…Salt Lake City International Airport is about 15 miles north of Bowker’s home.

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