Caitlyn Jenner’s New Year’s Resolution: Pose Nude!


Caitlyn Jenner seems to be making the news recently. She has accepted to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.  It may come as a shock to some, but Jenner a former Olympic gold medalist, is suprisingly enough, a Conservative Republican. How many other transgenders do you know who are conservatives, let alone a Trump supporter?

Well, it seems after Caitlyn’s show, “I Am Cait” was cancelled in August, she’s looking for new ways to make the news. What better way to do that….than 1) attend Trump’s inauguration, and 2) pose nude in 2017! Just wondering which one would you bet is going to get more publicity?


H/T The Blaze:

Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic athlete-turned-reality television star, was reportedly unhappy with the lack of media attention she received in 2016 — and is making a New Year’s resolution to change that.

The retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner is planning to pose nude this year to make up for a “slow 2016,” according to news reports.

“Cait wants to do something along the lines of what Kim did on the cover of Paper magazine. No one has worked harder than Cait to get the body she wants and, naturally, she wants to show it off,” said one source.

Jenner’s show “I Am Cait” was cancelled in August after only two seasons on E! Entertainment Channel. At the time, a member of the production team told reporters: “There just weren’t enough viewers.”

“I Am Cait” was the second reality TV show featuring Jenner, who was a series regular on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” when the Olympic gold medalist lived as Bruce Jenner.

But Jenner apparently isn’t giving up on headlining a TV show just yet, and plans to use the nude photo shoot as a boost for another television series.

First of all Kim Kardashian has been on a hit show for 13 seasons – ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ or KUWTK. She’s young, beautiful and has over 90 million followers on Instagram and 49 million onTwitter. She’s also made over $39 million just from her TV and movies, and made over $71.8 million from her own mobile game. She also just added her own Snapple flavor – “Kim’s Peach RoyalTEA”….how catchy!

Does ANYONE really think that Caitlyn Jenner can compete with Kim Kardashian?


Get REAL! I think you’ve probably been watching too much Reality TV!


…in addition, don’t you love it when Caitlyn’s publicist says “no one has worked harder than Cait to get the body she wants….naturally”….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

THIS was natural!

VARIOUS PERSONALITIES -- Pictured: Bruce Jenner -- (Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

VARIOUS PERSONALITIES — Pictured: Bruce Jenner — (Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)


Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner E! show documenting his transition from a man to a woman has been cancelled and rumors have swirled that he wants to be a "He" again.




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