BUSTED! WATCH What Disturbed CNN Reporter Does While Watching Scalping Of Tortured White Boy!


One of CNN‘s reporters got caught with her hand in the cookie jar so to speak. When cameras aimed her way much sooner than she expected this heartless human was laughing and smiling while watching the Facebook live stream torture video of a disabled white Trump supporter!

During an interview with hack Wolf Blitzer, Sara had little self-control, or respect, for the mentally handicapped man who was taken advantage of and physically harmed.

Does CNN actually wonder why no one takes them seriously?

The liberal mainstream media tries to make it appear as if “racism only happens against black people, and minorities.” Lately, they have hit a tough patch, CNN, and other liberal media stations are having trouble cooking up a good excuse for the latest incident involving the handicapped man. Dare we tell them that a black hate crime against a white a person does indeed exist.
Could anything be more horrifying than the mentality of these savages who kidnapped and tortured a young man with impaired brain function? It’s the same as beating a toddler!

Then to see the depraved indifference of a CNN propagandist who deals with the incident on liberal media by laughing…it’s ASTOUNDING!

When you thought you reached the bottom of the devil’s barrel, CNN shocks us again.

Don Lemon all but defended the vicious attack against a white make Trump Supporter.

It appears we have a new low for the liberal network.

This network is rotten to the core if they find this type of thing acceptable.

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