BREAKING: Graphic Video Surfaces of Florida Airport Shooter, What It Shows… HORRIFYING!



According to reports, the terrorist Esteban Santiago stalked into the airport on a flight out of Anchorage, Alaska on Delta flight 2812. He felt as if he owned the airport and everyone’s lives in it, this man was a nutjob.

The firearm just so happened to be his only piece of luggage, and he most likely got away with keeping it because liberals have scared everyone away from checking terrorists like him, they say we are “racial profiling.” Even if it is, there is a reason people are scared of Islamic people….they KILL Americans. It’s in the Qoran to do this, wake up America, we are the infidels their book says should be murdered.

After he arrived and retrieved his luggage, he hurried into the bathroom to load his gun.

When he emerged he immediately began shooting in the baggage claim area.

WARNING: There’s no blood or anything but the clip is still Extremely graphic and horrifying. Proceed at your own risk…

The gun was a Walther 9mm with two magazines for a total of 15 rounds.

This murderer wasted nothing, he shot all 15 bullets during the shooting.

Five people…killed, and six others were wounded. All because of politically correct liberals allowing this kind of scum into our country!

After the shooting, he dropped the gun and lay spread-eagled on the ground.

Santiago had been in trouble with the law before, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend not long before this. Yet, for some reason it was okay for him to have a gun…

He was also investigated for child pornography, but, of course, no charges were ever filed.

Liberal news reports later tried to cover up this act of terrorism by blaming Americans:

Santiago is an Iraq war veteran. Sec. Ash Carter says more has to be done to help veterans.

On Sunday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the incident was another brutal reminder that more needs to be done to help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental issues.

‘We keep learning more about how to deal with this kind of illness, we’re gonna learn more and we have to do more,’ he said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

‘The so-called invisible wounds of war — are something we do take seriously and we have to take seriously.’


They say the investigation is still ongoing, and that it is not yet clear that it was due to mental illness, and not terrorism. What do you think?

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