BREAKING: 33 Slaughtered In Prison ‘Killing Spree’ — Body Parts Everywhere


Something very disturbing happened inside a worn out Brazilian prison last weekend that serves as a pointed reminder that we are blessed to enjoy the best justice system in the world. Because something this unspeakably brutal would never happen here in the United States…

The bodies of thirty-three prisoners can be seen in graphic new photos that reveal exactly how gruesome this recent killing spree in the Brazilian state of Roraima was. The victims had their hearts and intestines cut out in a bloody riot that turned into a massacre.


No clear motive for the bloodbath as emerged, although The Sun reports that it was instigated by a notorious drug gang. Officers and a heavily armed military-like riot squad were deployed to the scene, where the mutilated bodies of butchered inmates were piled on top of one another.

Uziel de Castro, head of security for Roraima, blamed the violence on the Sao Paulo-based First Capital Command (PCC) drug gang:

“This is a national crisis. There was no confrontation, this was a killing spree. It was barbaric. Some were beheaded, others had their hearts or intestines ripped out.”

PCC is the largest, most dangerous gang in Brazil.

Agricola de Monte Cristo Penitentiary only has the capacity for 750 prisoners, but there are 1,475 inmates currently staying there, nearly double what the facility can accommodate. Authorities had requested more than once that the federal government deal with the state of the failing prison, but no support was sent.


Sadly, this isn’t even the first episode of violence at the dangerous prison. A few months ago in October, 100 visitors were taken hostage by inmates who had weapons.  Long story short, security eventually ended the siege, but not without a few casualties along the way.

According to reports, after Friday’s massacre, fears have increased that the violence could EASILY spread to the streets, as gangs fight for influence and territory both inside prisons and in slums where trafficking operations are based.

It’s unfathomable to imagine living in a reality where this sort of violence is the norm. We should all be very grateful we live in the United States.

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