Whoa, 1 HIDDEN CAM: A Thousand Laughs! Hilarious ‘Transgender’ Dog Prank…


WOW! So it would appear that in order to be popular these days all you need to do is identify as something other than yourself. Slap a “trans” in front of…well…whatever, and DING DING! You’re a winner! You’ve become a whole new person.

However, there is a catch. See… “you can be whatever you want to be, so long as you just say so” in a vein and whiny voice.

Honestly, this is the best way to start the new year…bring it in with a laugh!

Without further ado, the transgender dog prank.

Sadly, identifying as something you’re not, only appears to work if… well, if you’re anything other than a big WHITE dog. Hmmm, could there be systemic racism buried deep in people’s animosity toward Hopper??

Come on liberal snowflakes…in all seriousness, if as a society we can’t remove the line between reality and delusion, how can we draw new lines? How is it okay for a woman to identify as a dragon, when it isn’t okay for a Dogo Argentino to identify as a Bichon Frise?

Please don’t answer with anything other than “It isn’t okay,” congratulations, you’re a big f***ing idiot. If for whatever reason you want to excuse the trans movement, and that excuse doesn’t at least touch on mental instability, please rewatch the video above.

Then, after that, for everyone else’s sake, familiarize yourself with “critical thinking.” Also, please don’t vote….or drive. Now that I think about it, avoid sharp objects as well because you’re a danger to yourself and society.

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