White Liberals Feel Minorities Aren’t Smart Enough To Get Voter IDs; See These Responses!


Filmmaker, Ami Horowitz, went to ground zero for left-wing hysteria…Berkeley, California, and asked white liberals about their views on voter ID laws and why they think identification is hard for black Americans to obtain.

If you listen to these “educated” voters, they are way behind the times when it comes to knowledge about the black community. In fact, some of their responses are actually utterly racist.laughclapreaction

Once Horowitz interviewed multiple different students, he took to the streets of East Harlem and interviewed everyday blacks about their ID habits, if they found it difficult to obtain, or if they would have a problem presenting that ID before voting in any election.

During the video, Horowitz also relayed to the black interviewees EXACTLY what white liberals say and think about them. The reactions from members of the black community were PRICELESS. 200-2

See this video, it’s well worth watching and sharing.

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