Walmart’s HUGE Mistake: Sell #BlackLivesMatter Merchandise!


Maybe in some other time the Black Lives Matter movement may have been birthed by some sort of legitimate concern about fighting against police brutality. But, thanks to their adoption of the false “hands up don’t shoot” narrative, and their constant calls for the murder of police officers it’s crystal clear that they’re now a radical group.

Which is the reason so many thought it was odd that Walmart decided to sell merchandise with “Black Lives Matter” on it.

Let’s just say, we have some very brave men and women are pushing back on that.

In fact, here’s what one of the largest police unions in the country had to say about this…
The Daily Caller reports:

Walmart will remove some of its Black Lives Matter-inspired clothing after facing pressure from the nation’s largest police organization.

Walmart announced Tuesday it will no longer feature “Bulletproof” sweatshirts on its website after receiving a letter from the Fraternal Order of Police’s president, reports the IBTimes.

The sweatshirts have “Black Lives Matter” written underneath “Bulletproof.”


Yeah, somehow I’m thinking that’s not going to fly.

Props to Walmart for getting rid of the sweater, but still, it’s absurd that they carried it in the first place. It also appears that there’s still some BLM apparel left for purchase at Wallmart.

Everyone knew that Target took a monetary hit over their ridiculous bathroom policy. Will something similar happen to Walmart?

No one believes that police brutality is okay, (it’s also not very common) but there’s just no justification for a shirt like that to be sold and marketed to children.

So to all the liberals who LOVE this saying…#AllLivesMatter

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